How To Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries While Playing Pokemon Go (and other AR/VR games)

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How To Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries While Playing Pokemon Go (and other AR/VR games)

The immensely popular iPhone app “Pokemon Go” is an “augmented reality” (AR) game that allures players into exploring their neighborhood while searching for AR creatures. But trouble comes when people’s eyes are attached to their iPhones, distracting them and leading to foot and ankle injuries. Dr. Wenjay Sung has already treated trauma in patients who admitted they “should have been watching what they were doing” prior to their injury.

AR/VR Gaming Safety Tips

To avoid foot and ankle injuries while you play:

  • Wear supportive shoes while on the "GO". Protective shoes are a barrier and prevent common injuries like scraps and bruises to the toes. Some people are more likely to sustain an ankle sprain if you are wearing flip-flops or sandals. Instead, wear more stable soled shoes like athletic shoes.
  • Replace your old shoes. Are your shoes over 1 year old? If so, you probably need a new pair of shoes. Like tires, shoe treads wear after a certain amount of mileage (500-600 miles = 1 year of normal walking). To determine if you need to invest in shoes soon to avoid injuries like plantar fasciitis heel pain, tendonitis, and arch pain, make an appointment today.
  • Wear the right socks. You’ll want to wear nylon or moisture-wicking socks, instead of 100% cotton, to keep your feet dry. Sometimes blisters can form due to sweat, moisture, and pressure. Open blisters can progress into infection or cause pain and swelling. Aerosol deodorant/ Antiperspirant are good investment if your feet always seem to be wet. If your feet are mostly dry, but socks or shoes irritate your skin, you can use vaseline.
  • Take interval breaks. Because some VR/AR games can lead you to take sharp turns or areas you may be unfamiliar will, pop your head up to canvas 10-20 ft in front of you at regular intervals. Certain curbs, uneven sidewalks, and holes are common causes of falls and lead to ankle sprains, fractures, or other foot injuries. LA traffic is notorious but don't forget about sign posts can pop up seemingly out of nowhere. Take some time to appreciate Southern California and the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Hurt Your Foot or Ankle Playing VR/AR Games?

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