Corn Removal

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Corn Removal

Corns are painful and very difficult to get rid of without professional attention. At-home remedies are largely ineffective and can increase the risk of infection. Dr. Wenjay Sung, DPM, offers patients in and around Arcadia, CA, the most advanced corn removal solutions to provide symptom relief and prevent corns from returning.


Corn Removal Q & A

What causes corns?

Corns develop as a result of pressure and friction in specific areas of the feet or toes that cause a hard layer of tough, protective, “cornified” tissue to build up. Most corns have a central core that can be very painful to the touch. Corns often develop from wearing shoes that bind, rub or otherwise fit poorly, resulting in rubbing and crowding. Corns can also develop in people with specific walking patterns or some types of inherited foot shapes. Corns most commonly occur on the tops or sides of toes or on the bottom of the foot, especially in the ball – the fleshy portion of the sole just below the toes. Aging and weight gain can result in a loss of natural padding in this area, which in turn makes painful friction more likely.

What treatments are available for corns?

Sometimes, corns in their early stages can be treated by switching to shoes that offer a better fit to prevent friction or binding in the toe area. Avoiding high heels can also help. Soaking the feet and gently pumicing mild corns to remove dead tissue can help reduce symptoms, and using special pads to cushion the area also may help. When corns are more severe and painful or when they recur following home care, they require more aggressive medical care to help relieve pain and resolve other symptoms. Podiatrists can use special techniques to trim corns without risking tissue damage or infection. Corns should never be trimmed at home since some techniques can damage healthy tissue and cause more serious issues to develop. When corns are chronic, special orthotics or splints may be used to relieve pressure and prevent corns from forming.

How can I prevent corns in the first place?

The first step toward preventing corns is to ensure footwear fits properly to avoid areas of friction that can result in cornification. It's also important to see a podiatrist at the first sign of pain or redness that could indicate a corn is beginning to form.