Ankle Problems

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Ankle Problems

Ankle problems can cause significant pain and immobility, and without prompt and appropriate care, they can become much worse. Dr. Wenjay Sung, DPM, has extensive experience treating ankle problems, helping patients in and around Arcadia, CA, restore function while relieving pain and other symptoms.


Ankle Problems Q & A

What causes ankle problems?

Ankle symptoms like pain, stiffness, weakness and instability can be caused by many factors and conditions, including sprains, strained tendons, fractures, and arthritis. Even something as simple as wearing ill-fitting shoes can result in ankle pain. Many ankle issues are caused by indirect forces resulting from twisting, bending or turning the ankle, and some patients may develop pain or stiffness as a result of overuse or repetitive motions like jumping. Some people may have ankle problems as a result of their foot shape or gait pattern.

How are ankle problems treated?

That depends on the underlying cause of the symptoms and other factors, like the patient's overall health, job function and lifestyle habits, including sports participation. The first step in determining treatment is to have a comprehensive evaluation to identify the cause of pain, reduce mobility or other symptoms. In addition to an office evaluation of the ankle and its symptoms, diagnostic imaging studies may also be ordered to evaluate the bones and other internal structures that comprise the joint and the area surrounding it.

Are strains and sprains the same?

No. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, sprains refer to injuries to the ligaments, fibrous bands of tissue that connect one bone to another, while tendons refer to injuries involving tendons and muscles. Both sprains and strains may be treated with elevation, application of ice and rest. More serious sprains and strains may require therapy or, in a few cases, surgery to correct. Any type of ankle pain, stiffness or other unusual symptoms should be evaluated right away to prevent long-term or permanent disability.

How do ankle fractures occur?

Ankle fractures often occur when the ankle is sharply twisted or bent, causing one or more bones to become broken. Fractures can be partial, running only part way through the bone, or complete. More complex fractures cause the ends of the bone to become misaligned or to become splintered or fragmented. Some ankle fractures may be treated with a cast, but more complex fractures often require surgery to stabilize and restore the joint.